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Industry Oriented Projects

Better interaction between Technical institutions and industry is the need of the hour. This will have great bearing on the Engineering Curriculum, exposure of industrial atmosphere to engineering students and subsequent placement of young graduating engineers in industries across the country. With the advent of globalization and opening up of Indian economy to outside world, competition among industries has become stiff. There is an urgent need to prepare engineering students for jobs in multinational companies, by exposing them to newer technologies and engineering methodologies. To save the cost on training to newly recruited employees, institutions should make their students compatible to industrial requirements. These objectives can only be achieved well by bridging the gap between industry and the academic institute.

The Engineering colleges impart knowledge on various engineering faculties to the students. The lack of imparting hands on field experience in engineering faculties creates serious employability problems for the graduates and the industry. In other words, the graduates who come out of the colleges are not well prepared to take up jobs immediately on completion of the course. This can be done through Industry Oriented Projects.

To promote Industry - Institute Interaction, RGCER is specifically working on a planned strategy. The Institution will be asking the students to take up Projects which Industry Oriented. This will help them to have an actual feel of the Industry, make them effective engineers and help them in their placements. The students will be exposed to industrial environment. Students will understand technical concepts, Organizational Structure, functioning of various departments, realization of products / services, corporate etiquettes, and organizational practices.

The teachers of the institution take up the responsibility of safeguarding and nurturing the newly admitted students. The teachers act as a buffer for the first year students and help them to get acclimatized to RGCER’s environment. This scheme, which is perhaps the only one of its kind, guarantees additional assurance to the new comers and takes some burden off the parents and lessens their anxiety. The students are free to contact the counseling service with a wide range of worries, including personal, home and family relationships, depression, anxiety and loneliness.