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Applied Physics

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Research & Development

Journal Publications
  • V. Y. Ganvir,   R. S. Gedam, “Influence  of  Sm2O3  electrical properties of lithium borosilicate glasses”, Integrated Ferroelectrics ,vol  185 , 1-7, 2017
  • Arsala  Sheikh , Zamir Khan " Growth and NLO studies of  Glycine Doped Ammonium Dihydrogen phosphate , A Non linear optical crystal by Conventional, Rotation and SR methods", IJETSR , Volume 4, Issue 9, ISSN 2394-3386, Sept 2017
  • V.  Y. Ganvir,   R.  S. Gedam, “Effect of  La2O3 addition on structural  and electrical properties of sodium borosilicate glasses”, Material Research Express, vol 4 , 35204 , 2017.
  • Arsala  Sheikh , Z.S. Khan  and K. G.   Rewatkar, " XRD , FTIR & UV - Visible studies of Glycine doped ADP crystal", International Journal of Current Engineering and Scientific Research (IJCESR) , vol III, Issue 11,pp. 47-50, 2016.
Conference Publications
  • V.Y. Ganvir , R. S. Gedam, " Concentration effect of Dy3+ ions on structural and electrical properties of lithium borosilicate glasses", International Symposium on Functional Materials (ISFM-2018): Energy and Biomedical Applications, 13-15 April  2018, Organized by  IIT Kanpur ,  Panjab University, and University of Illinois, Chicago, USA   at  Chandigarh India.
  • Arsala  Sheikh , Shruti Patle , Kishor   Rewatkar, " Micro hardness and SHG Studies of  Glycine Doped Ammonium Phosphate Crystal by Conventional and SR method", International Conference on Integrated Solid Waste Management Practices in Developing Countries, 11-12  April  2017 , CSIR- National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (CSIR- NEERI), Nagpur   India.
Workshop/STTP/FDP Attended
Sr. No.
Name (s)  of Faculty
Workshop on spectral data analysis  &  spectral interpretation for structure elucidation (SDSISE 2017) organized by VNIT  Nagpur  on 21 - 25 November  2017. Prof. B. T. Kumbhare, Prof. M. A. Upasani
STTP on “Spectroscopic Techniques: Fundamentals to Applications (STFA-2016)” organized by VNIT  Nagpur  on 05 - 09 December  2016. Prof.  V.Y. Ganvir , Prof. A.W. Sheikh , Prof. B. T. Kumbhare, Prof. M. A. Upasani
Online course  on “Learning Physics through Simple Experiments”  organized by IIT Kanpur  on 20 September 2016  - 20 November 2016. Prof.  V.Y. Ganvir
NPTEL Workshop organized by IIT  Madras and PCE Nagpur   on 22 September. Prof.  V.Y. Ganvir , Prof. A.W. Sheikh , Prof. B. T. Kumbhare
Workshop on Curriculum development of  BE-Semester -I and II  organized by RTMNU Nagpur and JIT Nagpur  on 06th February 2017. Prof.  V.Y. Ganvir , Prof. A.W. Sheikh
Workshop on Outcome based education organized by DMIMS Nagpur  on 27th February 2017. Prof. A.W. Sheikh