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Applied Chemistry

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Research & Development

  • Megha P. Khurma, S.L. Mudliar, A.V. Bharti, Removal of divalent calcium from aqueous solution using eucyplutus citriodora tree bark as a low cost biosorbent, IJATES, 2016, Vol 5, Issue 4, pg 815-819
  • G.S.Deshmukh, Lakshmiprasad Maddi, A.R.Ballal, D.R.Peshwe, R.K.Paretkar, K. Laha, M.D.Mathew, Effect of Laves phase on the creep rupture properties of P92 steel, MaterialsScience&Engineering A, 2016, Vol 668, pg 215–223
  • Prajakta U. Waghe, Developing an Effective Sustainability Chemical Indicator for Energy Usage, Conservation and Efficiency, IJERT, 2016, Vol 3, Issue 30, pg 25-28
Conference Publications
  • Prajakta U. Waghe, M. D. Choudhary, N. S. Raman, Prevention of corrosion by anodic and cathodic protection, 5th Interdisciplinary National Conference on engineering Management and Sciences (Panacea-2016), Wardha. 24th June 2016
  • Pranita Narkhede, Effect of anionic surfactant on kinetics of Iodination of Salicylic acid, 5th Interdisciplinary National Conference on engineering Management and Sciences (Panacea-2016), Wardha. 24th June 2016
  • Megha P. Khurma, S.L. Mudliar, A.V. Bharti, Langmuir and Freundlich Isotherm, Lagergren Rate Constant Studies and Physico-Chemical Key Parameters on the Removal of Divalent Copper using Delonix regia Fruit Pod as A Low Cost Bioadsorbent, , Integrated Solid Waste Management Practices in Developing Countries, NEERI, Nagpur, 11th - 12th  April 2017
Workshop/STTP/FDP Attended: 2017-2018
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Spectral Data Analysis & Spectral Interpretation for Structure Elucidation-SDSISE-21-25 November, 2017, VNIT, Nagpur Dr. P. U. Waghe Prof. M. D. Deshmukh Prof.  M. P. Khurma
Seminar on LC & MS Technology by Waters Corporation, 25th  July 2017 Waters private limited, Bangalore Dr. P. U. Waghe
Half day workshop on Green rating Systems 13th Nov 2017, SDMCA, Nagpur Dr. P. U. Waghe
Techniques of quality technical publications 17 - 24 Feb 2018 and 10 March 2018 YCCE, Nagpur Prof.  M. P. Khurma
One Work Shop On Enhancing Quality Of Technical Education –Issues And Challenges 21st  Feb  2018, DTE- AICTE AND T- CET, Kandvali Prof. M. D. Deshmukh
Foundation Program in ICT for Education (FDP) 3rd Aug to 7th September 2017IIT, Mumbai Prof. P S. Pande
Foundation Course on Human Values and Professional Ethics(workshop), 18-22 Dec. 2017 K. D. K. College of Engineering, Nagpur Prof. P S. Pande