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BE First Year

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Highlights & Achievements (First Year)

"The Expert in anything was once a Beginner." - Helen Hayes

First Year Engineering course allows the students to get a glimpse of engineering from the beginning of their curriculum and to become broadly educated across engineering disciplines. First Year offers academic and career advising, tutoring in all subjects and mentoring in order to facilitate success during the four year degree course. The Department of First Year with its multifaceted faculties continues to nourish competitive spirit and develop a sense of forbearance & benevolence so as to serve the society & nation at large.
Vision To prepare the students for adapting and excelling in the journey of becoming Technically Competent Professionals.
Mission To build strong foundation by imparting quality education in Basic Sciences and Elements of Engineering while orienting students towards engineering challenges.

Teacher Guardian Scheme – Way of Solving Problem

In order to assist students in their studies and to monitor their overall growth, Teacher Guardian scheme is implemented. For every 15 students, 1 teacher is assigned as TG ( TEACHER GUARDIAN ) who acts as a facilitator and shoulders the responsibilities as given below :

  • To provide academic counseling.
  • To enlighten the students on professional ethics and conduct.
  • To ease the trauma of transfer to a new place.
  • To communicate with the ward's parents.
  • Providing emotional support to students on individual basis.
  • Helping students overcome home sickness.
  • Establishing rapport between teachers, student & parents.
  • Monitoring attendance and behavioral aspects of every student.
  • Identifying weak areas and working out remedies helping students thereby taking their complete care.
  • Boosting students for achieving better results.

Performed extraordinarily in RTMNU W-17 Examination with 100% score in Applied Mathematics-I Suraj Gawhare

Pradnya Satyakar secured Third position in RTMNU Yuwarang-18 in On Spot Painting

Students excelled in RTMNU Exam First year. Total 20 students scored 9+ pointer, 65 students scored 8+ pointer & 75 students scored 7+ pointer.
Laptop Scheme

Each year 20 laptops are awarded to felicitate the success of meritorious students who excelled with flying colors in RTMNU examinations.

Awards to Meritorious Students

RGCER felicitates first three topper students of this institute at RTM Nagpur University examinations each year with cash prizes.

“GET SET GO” Program for Soft Skill Development of Students

This program is aimed to develop students on five major areas i.e. Self Confidence, People Skills, Communication Skills, Leadership Skills, Reduce stress and increase positive attitude.

Parent-Teacher Meet

After every sessional examination a Parent Teacher Meet is organized to have direct interaction with the parents/guardian of our students to discuss and exhibit their progress. These Parents Teacher meets are instrumental in boosting students result and approach to engineering.

Psychological Counseling

Psychological counseling sessions are regularly structured to handle behavior and conduct problems, to solve difficulties in learning and performance, to provide career-guidance at all levels, to eradicate stress and depression.

"Starting Strong is Good, Finising Strong is Epic." - Robin Sharma