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Computer Science & Engineering

Abstract Project Details

Title  An Android Application which reminds people of certain activities, which helps them in maintaining a healthy lifestyle 
Projectees Aatur Nampalliwar, Krunal Nampalliwar, Rishabh Thakkar, Sagar Bhagat 
Guide Prof. Chandu Vaidya
Abstract  The world is standing on the thresold of technology and with technology people are getting complacent with their lifestyle of doing things. Earliers people were more focused on their health and they used to do day to day activities on their own but with the technolgies boost everything got easy for ealier to clean the floor broom was used but nowadays vacuum cleaner are used ,children earlier used to go to play but nowadays they sit at home playing computer games. these all things indicate that with the world standing on the thresold of technology we need to make health also available via technolgy basically we need to adapt to this change .
Title  Patient Queue Management System 
Projectees Kajal Hedau,Nikita Dhakare,Sayali Bhongle,Shruti Hedau,Venu Gadigone
Guide Prof. N.Titarmare
Abstract  In Patient Queue management system, we are going to introduce a new token system which can sucessfully reduce waiting of the patient in the hospital. The main aim is to develop a model thet integrates alert notification via SMS, to be sent to the patient to provide specific service according to the patient's requirement. It will minimize the over crowing of patients in the waiting area of hospital ans also patient can book an appointment from anywhere at anytime. it will enhance appointment scheduling in hospital with the aim of simplifying patient and doctor's task .
Title  Translocator : Android Application for traslatin text into known language ang location 
Projectees Mayur Burhan, Mrunal Talokar, Mimoh Samarth, Nikhil Gaikwad,Tushar Likhar
Guide Prof. Ravi Asati
Abstract  We are presenting an android application using a Smartphone's camera and touchscreen , that require the user to simply take an image from gallery of camera to the word of interest once in order to produce translation. For this purpose ,we are using OCR for image to text translation .Another feature is that if address is provided then it will give path. It will be a great help for tourist who dont know the regional language .As mobile application is easy to use .
Title  Human Resource Management System Using Face Recognization 
Projectees Shivani bhange, Nandini Thakare, Nidhi Mankar, Shivani Rebhe, Tania kamble
Guide Prof. Hemant Turkar
Abstract  Human Resource Management system provide the information regarding the employees in the company . In the recent years, we have seen a varity of human resource management system. Apart from the traditional attendance register system , there is also the biometrics system. The biometrics system also comes in various forms . There are finger print recognization devices,hand recognization devices , Id card recognization devices and even facial recognisation devices, but all these system has to do some sort of work or may lack in security. To overcome these new system has to be developed which works automatically and improve the security and offer safety to organisation.  
Title  An Early Analysis of Diabetes Mellitus by Extending Association Rule Mining 
Projectees Aishwarya Ingle, Avanti Ajane, Shivani Paraskar, Lokesh Thota, Sneha Mohadikar
Guide Prof. Ashwini Yerlekar
Abstract  Information Mining is ultilized for different purpose as a part of numerous application like ventures, medicinal & so on. This is utilized for extricting the helpful data from the enormous measure of information set. Wellbeing checking is likewise utilized the information digging idea for anticipate the determination of the infection. In wellbeing observing diabetes is the regular wellbeing issue these days, which infleuence people group. These are different information mining strategies and calculation is utilized for finding diabetes. Neural netwoks ,Artifical neural fluffy impedance framework, K Nearest Neighbour give the better result to the general population and the specialists with respect to the conculsion of the diabetes .From these outcomes the general population can anticipated individual in influence with the diabetes or  Non- diabetes .
Title  Object Detection and Counting 
Projectees Aklesh Sakunia ,Atharva Yogi,Aditya Raut,Vinay Chopkar,Yogesh Tandulkar
Guide Prof. Rashmi Jain/Prof. S. Katare 
Abstract  The Project mainly focuses on the basis to implement the object detection based on its color and shape, which is a visual based project i.e. the input to the project will be the video/Image data which is continuously capture with the help of a camera which is interfaced to the Raspberry Pi.. It will detect the object and increment the object counter . The visual data capture by the camera is processed in  the Raspberry Pi and the object is detected based on color & shape.The main focus will be on the case study of object detction and counting system and the possibility it will provide in a semi- enclosed area for both the statistical kind and also for the common man. the Goal of the system to be developed is to further ease and augement the everyday part of ours lives.    
Title  Online Logistics Transportation  
Projectees Dipti Itroutwar, Dushyant Shelke, Ketki Aserkar, Shweta Hepat, Utkarshya Bhoyar
Guide Prof. Kiran Likhar 
Abstract  The operation of transportation dertermine the efficiency of moving product. The progress in technique and management principle improves the moving load, delivery speed, service quality,operation cost, the usage of facilities and energy saving. tranportation takes a crucial part in the manipulation of logistics. Reviewing the current condition ,a strong system needs a clear frame a logistics and a proper transport implement and technique to link the producing procedure. The objective of the paper  is to define the role of transportation in logistics for the the reference of further improvement. the research was undertaken to define and comprehend the basic views of logistics and its various application and the relationship between logistics and transportation  . It is the online Logistics market place, changing the ways of doing intra-city/intercity movement of goods. keeping technology at the core, connecting business with mini truck /truck owner through web Application and calls. 
Title  Identity Based Encryption with self data Destruction Scheme For data  
Projectees Gagandeep kaur Bhatti, Insiya Wakeel, Niranjan Sadhu, Nishad Hatwar, Vinay Dighade
Guide Prof. Shraddha Karale
Abstract  Rapid development of versatile data exchange services has made it routine for users to use service to share data with others in a friend circle.This shared data ususally contain users sensitive information and needs to be well protected .However ,whether data put away on server is in place or not turns into a significant concern of the clients . Thus it become a big challenge to protect the privacy of users as well as their data.  It is necessary to design a comprehensive solution to support authorization of users using a fine grained access control method ,which allows shared data to be self destroyed after a user defined expiration time. 
Title  An Energy efficient secure data aggregation scheme in wireless sensor network 
Projectees Anshula Dupare, Ashwini Khadatkar, Neha Pawar, Nikita Wadhwani, Rasika Salodkar
Guide Prof. Kalyani Pendke
Abstract  Wireless Sensor network can sense the temperature ,vibration .Each node must be able to gather & process the data and transmit it to the base station. The major issue in WSM is energy consumption and data security. Therefore ,data trasmission in wireless sensor network reduce the network lifetime.While broadcasting the data in the sensor network ,it is necessary to enhance the network lifetime by reducing the energy. In this system we proposed a data aggregation scheme to make an energyt efficient network.This system will also use encryption technique to provide security to the wireless sensor network 
Title  Hospital Management system for hospital use " THE HOSTORE"
Projectees Samidha Surjuse,Mukund Ankar,Nupur Anturkar,Nupur Jaurkar
Guide Prof.Rupali Burde/Prof. A.Yerlekar
Abstract  The hospital treat both indoor patien.It has to maintain full information of the indoor patients as well as outdoor patients for the purpose of historical use. Doctors who serve to the hospital are the regular employees of the hospital however ,sometimes external doctors are used to handle complicated cases. So the hospital need to maintain its doctor's records separately along with the record of its other employees .All these operation are getting unmanageable day by day because of the stiff rise in data. 
Title  Helping hands : An Android Application for Helping Victim in Danger 
Projectees Chetal Indurwade, Homwati Pawar, Nikita Naidu, Raksha Sadawarte, Shubham Deshmukh
Guide Prof. Abhijit Pande /Prof. A. Golghate
Abstract  Mobile Application ans its services makes life simple, fulfilling our daily needs for information ,communication ,entertainment or leisure. Mobile application have brought a new trends . Helping handa is an Android application for helping women in danger by sending danger notification to nominated contact . This application will address some of the concern of women. the victim would be able to creat groups by selecting some number of contact and also the victims can have a chat in that group. sharing of media such video sharing file sharing image sharing can also be done using this application. The dander notification can be send only in the group and not in the personal chats sio as to maintain the privacy of the user. When in danger the user can send a danger notification to specific group so as to inform friends & Family 
Title  IOT Based smart Garbage alert System 
Projectees Mohini Mate, Priya Sidam, Shubham Dhapodkar, Pradhnya Nagarare, Sameeksha Katle
Guide Prof. Rajesh Nasare/ Prof. P. Kale
Abstract  Internet of things (IOT) is a system of interrelated computing devices, digital Machine ,object that are provided with unique identifiers and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human to human . Many times, in our city we see that the garbage bins or dustbins placed at public places are overloaded .To avoid all such situtation we are going to implement a project called IoT Based smart garbage and waste collection bins. the main theme of the work is to develop a smart alert system for garbage clearence by giving an alert signal to the municipal web server for instant cleaning of dustbins with proper verification based on level of garbage filling .This process is aided by the ultrasonic sensor which is interfaced with Android UNO to check the level of garbage filled .After cleaning the dustbin ,the driver confirms the task of emptying the garbage. An Android application is developed and linked to a web server to intimate the alert from the microcontroller to the urban office and to perform the remote monitoring of the cleaning process ,done by the worker, thereby reducing the manual process of monitoring of the cleaning process, done by the worker, thereby reducing the manual process of monitoring and verification , The notification are sent to the android application using Wi -Fi Module. 
Title  Privacy Preserving Mining of Association Rule from Outsource Database 
Projectees Priya Kukade, Rajani Tale, Aishwarya Sonwane, Shweta Thakre
Guide Prof. Rashmi Jain
Abstract  In  business ,outsourcing include the contracting out of business procedure to another gathering .Outsourcing plans to give an administration in a corporate privacy preserving structure. Privacy assurance is the primary issue in information mining .Here we are going to implement privacy preserving data mining framework. To give privacy perserving outsourced mining ,we use Paillier encryption after improve Rob Frugal encryption plot. FP growth algorithm is used for generating rules which improve the performance .     
Title  Crime Reporting and Recording System 
Projectees Pritam Chaudhari, Prajyot Dal, Rahul Nikhare , Saurabh Dayal
Guide Prof. Ashish Golghate/ Prof. K. Likhar
Abstract  Crime is a part of human activities and needs to be managed. No human society has ever been totally free of deviantts and it is unlikely that society will ever be. The more populated and compexe a society becomes the wider the range of antisocial conduct that must be controlled by the government through the armed forces and other agencies especially the police force. The incident based system report on a much broader range of crimes and include data on the circumstances of the crime , the victim ,and the defendant. The currrent crime reporting system is faced with several difficulties as there  is no instant means of reporting crime other than telephone calls, messaging or perhaps face to face which is usually cumbersome especially where the reporter wishes to keep anonymity.  
Title  Logo Detection System 
Projectees Amarja Indapwar,Hemangi Oke,Madhura Chikte,Poonam Barai,Pratima Katre
Guide  Prof. N. Mungale/ Prof.P.Kale
Abstract  We present an Armature for logo exaction in image &  live video. The wide range application of visual data from companies ,Institute ,Individuals & Social System like Flickers, You tube is for wide distribution & sharing of image and live video. Archieture of Logo matching & recognition which is important for brand advertisment & survelliance application. The system provides details informatio regarding the location of logo in the live video & image .This process is carried out by using speeded Up Robust feature (SURF)  & context dependent similarties CDS algorithm.It uncovers either improper or unauthoriorized use of logos. Reference logos & test images are converted into binary form and their feature are matched . the main aim of this project is to present an efficient and robust armature to discover as well as recognize logo image through the use of computer vision .The localization and recognition of logo from live video is a big challenge that has been undertaken in this research .   
Title  "Preventing SQL Injection Problem by using Pattern Matching Algorithm "
Projectees Divyani Jabalpure, Karishma Suryavanshi,Vaishali Lokhande, Karuna Datar, Vaishnavi Bokey
Guide  Prof. R. Nasare
Abstract  Different things structure join an electronicx thar makes them Accessible to people when all is said in done by technique for the web and can open them to a gathering of online attacks. One of these ambushes in SQl blend which can give unapproved access to the database. this paper shows an approach for securing web Application against SQL implementation .Configuration matching is a structure that can be used to see or see any anomly pass on a continous movement. This paper additional demonstrates an asseration ans evasion technique for ensuring SQL injection attack (SQLIA) using Aho- Corasick algorithm matching figuring moreover, it concentrate on variou portion that perceive a couple SQL injection Ambushes.