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Civil Engineering

Vision Mission Objectives


“To maintain and cultivate its strong links with the infrastructural industry and academic and research institutions to meet overall development as a prerequisite for employment.”


“To offer world-class undergraduate education, research guidance, professional consultancy, outreach and manpower training as well as leadership in Civil Engineering”.

Civil Engineering Objectives

Objective 1
Graduates will be prepared with a solid foundation in mathematics, sciences, and technical skills needed to analyze and design civil infrastructure systems.

Objective 2
Graduates will possess strong written and oral communication skills.

Objective 3
Graduates will be familiar with current and emerging civil engineering and global issues, and have an understanding of ethical and societal responsibilities.

Objective 4
Graduates will have the ability to obtain professional licensure, and will recognize the need for engaging in life-long learning.

Objective 5

Graduates will have the necessary qualifications for employment in civil engineering and related professions, for entry into advanced studies, and for assuming eventual leadership roles in their profession.